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Community colleges also offer the opportunity of taking the specific class or two you need to complete your high school diploma, in case you had to leave high school without graduation. Classes are affordable too. You can work towards earning an associate's degree or just build up some completed classes. AssociateDegreesOnline.org talks about your options when it comes to earning an associate's degree.

Getting enrolled in a decent college and getting to work on earning your bachelor's degree is what most high school graduates should be doing. See undergraduate options.

One of the more popular undergraduate majors for freshmen students is business. While a business school may not be right for everybody, having a business degree on your resume isn't a bad step.

Most business schools have a few different specialties. Typical degrees include administration, accounting, marketing, information systems management and finance. Some schools offer a bachelor of arts degree strictly in management, but others will not. You can read more.

Another fast-growing field is graphic arts and design. Graphic professionals are hired by businesses to plan and develop packaging, advertising and marketing materials. Graphic arts majors study mass media, design theory and the most-used design software. Find out the facts.

Some graduating high school seniors want to get out of town and attend college far away. While some may enroll in a college in a different town in their state, other students will want to get far away. Students who want to stay in a southern climate may end up in Texas, Florida or Arizona.

If you really want to get far away from home, you could apply to a college up in the great Northwest, such as the University of Washington. While the cool climate might have you wearing a sweatshirt almost every day, earning your degree at UW can open up bunches of employment opportunities. Visit WashingtonOnlineSchools.com

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