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Liberal Arts

You have the option of taking classes at home. The increase in online college classes allows students to attend courses from their computer from home. While not all areas of study work well via online training, some, like graphic arts, do translate pretty well to web-based learning.

Fashion design is a field that a lot of students seem to be interested in, but very few follow up on. First of all, fashion isn't a major at many universities. A few will offer a degree program, but they are pretty rare.

And second, many of the design jobs are also just in the big cities, such as LA, New York, Miami and Chicago. So, if you are not psyched about living in those cities, you may have a hard time getting that job you've been thinking about. That being said, if you know fashion is your thing, you can check out some education possibilities at FashionDesignSchoolsOnline.com

Now if you just want to see colleges in one specific area, such as just one state, you can narrow down your choices to schools that offer classes to students in your area. For example, SouthCarolinaOnlineSchools.com works for South Carolina students.

Some graduating high school seniors want to get out of town and attend college somewhere else. While some may enroll in a college in a different town in their state or somewhere up the east coast, other students who want to stay in a southern climate end up in Texas or Arizona.

If you really want to get far away from your hometown, you could enroll at a college in Seattle, such as the University of Washington. While the cool climate might have you wearing a sweatshirt every day, earning a degree there can open up a lot of employment opportunities. See Seattle colleges

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